21 October 2006

Customizing Liferea HTML Rendering

Liferea displays feed items using a HTML. To format this output it uses CSS stylesheets that can be found in /share/liferea/css or a similar path. Now if you don't like the default styles you can overrule the default definitions with your own stylesheets.

User defined CSS with v1.0.x

v1.0.x uses two stylesheets for the two supported viewing modes. To display single items (in three pane mode) it uses "/share/css/liferea.css". To display multiple items (in two pane mode) it uses "/share/liferea/css/liferea2.css". To redefine the styles create the files "~/.liferea/liferea.css" and "~/.liferea/liferea2.css". Liferea will then load them additionally to the default style sheets.

User defined CSS with v1.2.x

v1.2.x uses only one default stylesheet "/share/css/liferea.css" for all three layout modes. Like v1.0.x it will additionally try to load a user defined CSS stylesheet from "~/.liferea_1.2/liferea.css".

To find out more about the used styles you can have a look at the default stylesheets or with v1.2.x which uses XSLT stylesheets for XHTML rendering you can look at the stylesheets which can be found in "/share/xslt/".

Note: to ensure using the GTK theme colors do use the GTK-THEME-* placeholders when defining colors as described in the header of the default stylesheet.

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