01 October 2006

Handling items in combined view

Judging from many postings in different weblogs the last days Google relaunch of the Google Reader has significantly cannabilized at the desktop feed reader userbases.

Well all of you still staying in the desktop aggregator world here is a new Liferea improvement to be released with 1.1.6. Basically it is a HTML menu bar to do useful things to items in the combined view. Currently there is no other user interaction besides scrolling and clicking links. The plan is to also expose the social bookmarking interface, the flagging feature and a not-yet-implemented tagging feature.

The screenshot shows how it will look like. First thing: the menu won't be visible initially. This way it doesn't take vertical space and if you don't need it, well then you don't see it. Also the menu will only be visible for one item at a time. To activate it you move the mouse over the item title and after a 1-2 second timeout the menu will appear. I think this is somewhat intuitive and expect new users to accidentily discover the feature.


Anonymous said...

I like it.

However, I miss an entry to add the article to the news bin.

I suggest you to look at Onfolio feed reader (www.onfolio.com). Currently it only works for Internet Explorer (Microsoft bought it), but before, it worked beautifully in Mozilla Firefox.

This is the only thing I miss after moving from Windows to Linux.

I think the news bin is a great idea, specially if it can be searchable using desktop search utilities (like Beagle) or can export the data to Mozilla extension Scrapbook folders.

I've tried every feed reader for Linux, looking for something similar to Onfolio, and Lifearea is the best Linux reader now.

Greetings from Spain

Lars Lindner said...

You are right, I forgot about the news bin feature. And it is one of the more important ones. This definitively belongs into this menu bar.

The menu released with 1.1.6 contains only three options but will be extended later. I plan to add at least a flagging option and the news bin option.

Allan said...

Good work! Thanks for keeping it up.