21 December 2006

Problems With the Current Menu Structure

As promised I want to start another HIG compliance discussion to make using the Liferea menu more standard compliant. This is the current menu layout:
  • Program
    • Preferences
    • Update Monitor
    • Script Manager
    • Work On-/Offline
    • Exit
  • Feeds
    • Update Selected
    • Update All
    • Mark Selected As Read
    • Mark All As Read
    • New Subscription
    • New Folder
    • New Search Folder
    • New Source
    • New News Bin
  • Items
    • Next Unread
    • Toggle Read Status
    • Toggle Item Flag
    • Remove Selected
    • Remove All
    • Launch In Browser
  • View
    • Increase Text Size
    • Decrease Text Size
    • Normal View
    • Wide View
    • Combined View
  • Search
    • Search All Feeds
    • Search With...
  • Help
    • Contents
    • Quick Reference
    • FAQ
    • About
This structure has several problems and questions a lot of user care about. Here is a list I collected.
  • First menu isn't named "Feed".
  • "Feeds" menu is much too long (13 items!).
  • Plural used in "Feeds" and "Items".
  • Not all context menu options can be found in the main menu.
  • No "Edit" menu. Overall shouldn't there be a document centric menu.

Starting from the list above I think it is the best to identify the Liferea core concepts. This should give a hint for the maximal number of menus and the correct assignment of specific menu options to each concept. I think this will resolve the very long "Feeds" menu...


Andrew said...

Yes, please bring on an Edit menu, and on that menu definitely give us the standard Copy command (along with the usual Ctrl+C shortcut). AFAIK, there is no way to copy text in Liferea, and I miss this.

Lars said...

Yes, there is no explicit menu and Ctrl-C is not bound to copy text. The most important reason being that there would have to be browser widget specific implementation of the copy code.

But why don't you use the X-selection to copy text?

Ralf said...

Don't forget that blind users expect alt+f to open up the menu! (they assume a file menu)

Accessibility standard dictate that there should at least be a file-menu .. although it this case its an weird option.

Lars said...

While I see the theoretical possibility of blind users I still have to hear from one. I even think in the current form (and without any accessibility hints) Liferea is probably unusable for screen readers and similar helper tools.

So I do not think that it will help anyone blind when adding a "File" menu. But please correct me if I'm wrong.