19 March 2007

Surviving Hotel Proxy Hell

Ever been to a hotel and used the local internet access? While the local proxy doesn't influence browsing very much it can be devastating to a feed reader. Some insane proxies do return permanent redirects for every HTTP resource you request through it. For a feed reader this means that it rewrites the URLs of all your subscriptions. And you won't notice until you are home again when all those "new" proxy URLs are invalid.

While the problem clearly is with the proxy, which should serve temporary redirects only, there is still the question how to recover from this. Since Liferea 1.1.4 your original subscription URLs are stored in the feed cache, so that it can be used to recover the now invalid URLs.

There is no way to do this in the GUI though, I just see no simple way to provide a GUI based restoration interface. As an alternative I advise you to use this script. After downloading it, terminate Liferea and run it as follows:

   $ sh recoverFromProxyHell.sh > feedlist.opml 

After successful execution (depending on the number of your feeds this can take some time) please check the contents of the created file before copying it to ~/.liferea_1.2/feedlist.opml and backup the old feedlist.opml as necessary.

For completeness: If you value your feed list back it up regularily!

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