10 June 2007

Improved Proxy Preferences

One improvement coming with the next unstable release 1.3.7 is a bit more intuitive proxy configuration. So here is like it currently (1.2.x) looks:

and here is the new interface:

While the changes do seem cosmetical at first the rewrite also solved some problems in the code behind it. So until now Liferea just reused the GNOME proxy gconf keys as it's own. Thereby you could mess up other GNOME programs from within Liferea. Also due to the limited options until now you couldn't use the environment $http_proxy variable to overrule manual settings. There was also no way to enforce no proxy when $http_proxy was set. These configuration variants are now covered by the improved dialog.

And finally: no explanation text anymore about the handling of the GNOME proxy preferences.


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm an happy liferea user,
every time I move an Item from the blog list on the Post view, I lose the control of X an I have to killall liferea from the console :(

Why don't you register this project to bugzilla.gnome.org?


Lars said...

Well there is a bug tracker at SF. I think it is good to have everything (web hosting, file releases, trackers) at only one provider.

"I loose the control of X"? A bit unspecific :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I mean: when I try to move a feed from the the feedlist (drag and drop) in to the space where the single post is rendered I lose the control of the X server. Unfortunatly I can't provide more info about this bug but it is repeteable every time.

1. add the rss of a blog to liferea
2. move the item created in the "Post view" and you can't use anymore the mouse click on the X server..

I'm sorry, I tried to be as clear as I can. I could do a screencast but then I don't control X anymore


Lars said...

luigi: I see so your X-server input methods do dead lock after you do drag&drop. Until now I've never heard of such an behaviour and have no idea how to debug this. I fear I can't really help you.