11 June 2007

Localized Default Feed List

To help new users trying out Liferea and maybe to learn about a feed reader for the first time Liferea loads a default feed list of about 20 example feeds on the first startup. There is a English default feed list but there are also default feed lists (containing both an English part and localized example feeds) for the following languages:

bg ca de es eu fr nl pl ru sk sv

If your native locale is not among them contribute a default feed list with your favourite feeds in your own language! The only criteria: the feeds should be unpolitical, with general agreeable content and of websites where you can be sure that the webserver can handle the traffic. If you want to create a example feed list just export your feeds using the "Program" menu, open the OPML file in an editor and remove the lines with all feeds you do not want to be included. Finally post the feed list in the patch tracker or in the mailing list.

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