05 June 2007

Power Consumption Issues

A lot of users did report that current Liferea 1.2.x releases did waste a lot of CPU cycles. For laptop users this means a significantly higher power consumption. After a crucial hint by Liferea user jtjt the problem is now fixed beginning with version 1.2.16b.

When you use "powertop" now to check the idle activity you should see something similar to this
0.7% ( 2.3) liferea-bin : futex_wait (hrtimer_wakeup)

compared to the previous extreme results in this range:
47.4% (196.0) liferea-bin : futex_wait (hrtimer_wakeup)

Thanks to everyone who helped debugging these timer problems!!!


pochu said...

Thanks for the great work!

Now let's debug and release the next 1.4 series :)

If you need a valgrind log, just ping me ;)

pieffe said...

thanks a lot for fixing this! (and for liferea)

Lars said...

@pochu: During the last days 1.3.x got some work. The next release won't be very far away.

Anonymous said...

With version 1.4.6, again to 46,8%:

46,8% (291,2) liferea-bin:futex_wait (hrtimer_wakeup)

Lars said...

@anonymous: No support requests here! And no anonymous support requests!!!

Nonetheless I retested the power consumption and for me it is below 1%. It might be that you are suffering from the XulRunner related 100% CPU (thread) usage that could causes such high power consumption values.