24 September 2007

Dangerous bug in 1.4.2b

There is a pretty bad bug in 1.4.2b (but not in 1.4.2). If you have set the global feed update interval to 0, which normally means do not update any feeds per-default, the bug causes every feed to be updated continuously.

Please update to 1.4.3!

Workaround: If you are using 1.4.2b please ensure your default update interval is not set to zero!!!

Webmasters: Sorry!!! If you are hit by traffic from an 1.4.2b installation I'd suggest to block the user agent (e.g. "Liferea/1.4.2b (Linux; en_US; http://liferea.sf.net/)")! Using HTTP 410 you could also tell Liferea to stop updating permanently.


Keif said...

I found another bug I think should be fixed right away. I upgraded to 1.4 from 1.2, and I have a bunch of old but flagged articles which immediately disappear. Flagged articles should never expire. This bugs is a killer because it is like having my browsers favorites disappearing!

Anonymous said...

another thing on the 1.4 line:

liferea should load the inline images etc. before the comments.

actually it seems as it would load both at the same time, so I have to wait very long before the pictures appear cause of all the comments :(

besides that, liferea 1.4 is just great :)