19 October 2007

Filtering Planet Feeds

Liferea user Enrico Zini explains in his blog how to filter the "Debian Planet" feed using a compact Python script. This script uses Lifereas per-feed filtering feature to supply downloaded feeds on stdin for a user script to read, which then writes the transformed feed output to stdout so that Liferea can use the filtered/transformed feed.

15 October 2007

Improved Namespace Coverage

SVN trunk (1.5) now reads more namespace infos. There is support for the Yahoo Media (alternative enclosure format), the iTunes (summary text, author, keywords) and the Trackback namespace (original post link). All those metadata is now merged with the default news item information.

Although these namespaces might not be widely used if one or two of your feeds do use them Liferea will now provide you a bit more information than before.

01 October 2007

Atom Link Blog Support

Beginning with 1.4.5 Liferea will render Atom feed links with attribute rel="related" and rel="via". These two link types do allow Atom generators to express the typical link posting life cycle. The "via" link says where you got the link from and the "related" link points to the interesting source.

By displaying those links in the item header Liferea now allows you to follow the so-called link blogs that mostly provide you with link dumps instead of HTML text content with embedded links.