12 August 2008

Video Bug Reports

Today I found this video a Liferea user created and posted in his YouTube video channel.:

It describes two problems with the current handling of the 'updated' item state:
  1. Changes are not persistent. There is a bug preventing correct saving of the state change into the DB.
  2. Many users confuse this state with the item read state and wonder why "Mark All Read" cannot be used to reset the 'updated' state.
While the first problem is a functional one and could be fixed I still decided to solve everything by removing the current 'updated' state UI (the icon in the item list). The reason is that I believe it to be of low value to most of the users, to be not inituitive when distinguishing it from the 'read' state and to be visually disturbing if you do see it in the itemlist. Just too many disadvantages and it removing it will save code, documentation and support efforts.

If you got ever confused by this feature starting with 1.4.19 this will be fixed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Excellent, thank you! This is one of the things that has bothered me most since switching from Akregator.