21 December 2008

Wanted: Release Manager

Anyone interested in the job of a Liferea release manager? I think it would help to have someone enforcing a tighter release schedule, who also could priorize and enforce bug reports. Now and then (especially in the last time) releases do not come in the 2-4 weeks period and I believe a dedicated release manager could improve this.

Here is what this unpaid job is about:

  • Deciding on release dates
  • Creating releases (SVN checkout, creation of distribution tarball, creation SF new release)
  • Propagating release (SF news feed, mailing list, webpage)
  • Closing solved bug reports

I know this is quite a lot of work, as I'm doing this for some years now. It would be nice to have someone to take care of it, so that I could spend more time on the code and the bugs.

If you are interested (no matter what expierences) post a comment or write a mail to the mailing list. All contributions are welcome!

12 December 2008

Webkit Support Progress

In SVN trunk the Webkit rendering has now correct context menu support. While I'm not sure that the Webkit API part handling the popup is a stable interface, for now it works. Epiphany doesn't seem to use the popup handling right now...

The good news is that this was the last missing functionality for the Webkit rendering. Now you can zoom in/out, copy links, open links in internal and external browser, bookmark pages with Webkit too.

Note: There are stability issues with Webkit. Users report random crashes when surfing and also crashes when using Flash. Hopefully this will improve in the future for Webkit rendering to become useful.

10 December 2008

64bit Flash for Linux

The new 64bit Flash 10 player for Linux seems to do real wonders. I read more and more reports of people who solved their crashing issues for Firefox and Liferea with the new plugin.