21 December 2008

Wanted: Release Manager

Anyone interested in the job of a Liferea release manager? I think it would help to have someone enforcing a tighter release schedule, who also could priorize and enforce bug reports. Now and then (especially in the last time) releases do not come in the 2-4 weeks period and I believe a dedicated release manager could improve this.

Here is what this unpaid job is about:

  • Deciding on release dates
  • Creating releases (SVN checkout, creation of distribution tarball, creation SF new release)
  • Propagating release (SF news feed, mailing list, webpage)
  • Closing solved bug reports

I know this is quite a lot of work, as I'm doing this for some years now. It would be nice to have someone to take care of it, so that I could spend more time on the code and the bugs.

If you are interested (no matter what expierences) post a comment or write a mail to the mailing list. All contributions are welcome!


mjbauer95 said...

I might be a little interested in this but I don't know if I'd be that reliable.

Lars said...

mjbauer95: If you want let's meet in #liferea (freenode.org) and talk about it!

Lars said...

Update: Since a lot of releases Adrian Bunk now creates the releases for the project. And I believe he has increased the release quality a lot.