12 April 2009

1.4.28: Possible Solution for the 100% CPU Usage

Some days ago Axel Beckert suggested that the Mozilla preference "places.frecency.updateIdleTime" is known to causes CPU usage problems when not configured. With release 1.4.28 this preference is now set to 0. Several users already did test this change and reported back that there problems were gone.

While we are not yet 100% sure if this is *THE* fix I still like to ask everyone with problems to upgrade to 1.4.28 and give feedback (in the comments) if there it helped (let's say if you ran for 3 days without issues)!

Update: After some testing and user feedback: This was the correct solution!

03 April 2009

How to Compile from SVN

Update: We have switched to Git! Please follow the new instructions!

Here is a short command list for SVN trunk check-out and compilation:

  1. svn co https://liferea.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/liferea/trunk/liferea
  2. cd liferea
  3. sh autogen.sh
  4. make
  5. make install

That's all. The really hard part is to have all necessary development tools and header packages to be installed. It's hard to say how they are named in your distribution, but they should include:

  • Tools: automake, autoconf, gettext, libtool, intltool
  • Libraries+Headers: sqlite3, webkit, GTK, libsoup2.4