12 April 2009

1.4.28: Possible Solution for the 100% CPU Usage

Some days ago Axel Beckert suggested that the Mozilla preference "places.frecency.updateIdleTime" is known to causes CPU usage problems when not configured. With release 1.4.28 this preference is now set to 0. Several users already did test this change and reported back that there problems were gone.

While we are not yet 100% sure if this is *THE* fix I still like to ask everyone with problems to upgrade to 1.4.28 and give feedback (in the comments) if there it helped (let's say if you ran for 3 days without issues)!

Update: After some testing and user feedback: This was the correct solution!


Anonymous said...

I started using Jaunty about a month ago and when they moved everything to Python 2.6 (from 2.5) the 100% CPU issue vanished (for me).

I've made no other changes, and I'm still on 1.4.26.

Anonymous said...

I used to get the 100% cpu usage issue all the time, but it hasn't triggered in a over a week. I'm running 1.4.24. My guess is that a firefox update fixed it (3.0.8 or 3.0.7).

re: 1st anonymous: Python at 2.5 here

Lars said...

Thanks for your feedback! This gives some valuable insight on when the problem doesn't exists.

LolZ said...

Having seen the frecency trick on debian bugtrack, I put a line "user_pref("places.frecency.updateIdleTime", 0);
to my prefs.js and never seen the 100% bug on my side (since 17 days now)

Mauro said...

I'm using the version 1.4.18 (kinda old, i know) and after adding the line "places.frecency.updateIdleTime" on my prefs.js, the 100% cpu usage seems to be gone.

Lars said...

Thanks to everyone hinting on the places idle time setting!

This is set automatically in the latest 1.4.28 version.