03 April 2009

How to Compile from SVN

Update: We have switched to Git! Please follow the new instructions!

Here is a short command list for SVN trunk check-out and compilation:

  1. svn co https://liferea.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/liferea/trunk/liferea
  2. cd liferea
  3. sh autogen.sh
  4. make
  5. make install

That's all. The really hard part is to have all necessary development tools and header packages to be installed. It's hard to say how they are named in your distribution, but they should include:

  • Tools: automake, autoconf, gettext, libtool, intltool
  • Libraries+Headers: sqlite3, webkit, GTK, libsoup2.4


Anonymous said...

Thank You! I Will give it a try

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I finally succeeded me to compile liferea from SVN!

A couple of notes maybe interesting for anyone who ran into trouble:

At step (2) I had to cd ./liferea/trunk/trunk/liferea
I had to set the execute bit manually for the autogen.sh script (chmod +x autogen.sh)

After that some packages had to be installed as you mentioned.

My experience for my Ubuntu 8.10:
I found a great site which had all my missing packages: http://www.paldo.org

I simply searched for the missing packages by using Package search http://tinyurl.com/dy56wo on the left site of the site

gtk+-2.16.0 package
Because I use an older glib package on my distribution (Ubuntu 8.10) i had to export my LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the glib-2.0 package:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/include/glib-2.0:/usr/local/lib
now i was able to compile my required gtk+-2.16.0 package

Hopefully I helped someone by sharing my personal experience for successfully building this great feed reader

Florian Brucker said...

A quick note for people running Gentoo: The current (revision 5335) installation setup requires automake 1.11, but the automake-wrapper used by Gentoo uses automake 1.10 due to the header in aclocal.m4 which says that file was generated by automake 1.10.2. To solve this, change the '1.10.2' in the first line of aclocal.m4 into '1.11' and you should be fine.

Adrian Bunk said...

Florian, aclocal.m4 is being created by aclocal, which is part of automake.

So that problem is caused by your automake-wrapper.