26 July 2009

Contributions to 1.6

With the new stable release out there I want to say thanks to all contributors!

Arnold Noronha, Adrian Bunk, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, Daniel Nylander, Hubert Figuiere, Khaled Hosny, Leon Nardella, Takeshi Aihana, Vincent Lefrevre, Gianvito Cavasoli, Antonio Lima, Sven Hartge, Gustavo Noronha Silva, andoo, kalikiana, Christian Dywan, Robin Stoker, Mikel Olasagasti, Ariel Pablo Topasso, Yanko Kaneti, Mathie Leplatre, Martin Müller, Leon Nardella, Kai Willadsen, Diego E. Petteno, Maik Zumstrull, Rene Koecher, Lars Strojny, Martin Picek, Paul Keusemann, Jeff Fortin, goyko, Gustavo Chain, Jon Forsberg

The list is propably incomplete: so thanks to everyone not listed that helped with 1.6 too!


MasterChes said...


thank you for your gret work.
Is there a way to recover liferea script repository from Oliver Feiler? It seems things have gone...

taupist said...

This is probably the wrong place to put this but . . . I'm running 1.4.18 under SimplyMepis 8.0 and it is SLOOOOOW!
I don't remember any previous versions being like this. I sure hope the newer versions are better than this, this is royally frustrating.

Lars said...

@taupist: You need to upgrade to 1.4.28 which provides an important fix for the performance issues!

Lars said...

@MasterChes: At the moment I can reach the script repository. While a few links seem to be broken, most of the scripts can be downloaded.

Alternatively you should be able to access it via archive.org (e.g. http://web.archive.org/web/20060830163447/kiza.kcore.de/software/snownews/snowscripts/)

Anonymous said...

I have sent slovak translation update, but in SVN are no changes, where is reliable e-mail?

I don't want register to mailing list

my e-mail pavol ATTTTT klacansky DDOTT com

alex said...

Ideal agregator but a small problem - why copy/past are missing if I want to copy a part of text? (I know about ctrl+c/v :-))

Lars said...

@alex: We didn't implement copy&paste options in the HTML view context menu because we did support up to 3 HTML widgets which all would require different non-trivial text selection access methods that we would need to support for such options. Despite being such a simple thing it is quite complex to realize.