10 June 2010

Feature Poll

Simple question: What feature do you miss most?

Disclaimer: This is not a promise to implement anything :-)


Anonymous said...

Full sync (feeds / posts) with tt-rss or another Opensource online rss reader....

better kde integration? :p

Anonymous said...

Stability, stability, stability.

That would be all.

I just want a local feed reader, maybe a Meego version in the future, if you're interested in that.

From the feature set Liferea is great (even to much for me, but hey), but I support every effort to make it more stable and reliable.

Sometimes crashes when opening an entry, though that could be the webkit, dunno.

Anonymous said...

Some details:

* Using "Mark items read" when in the "unread" folder should close currently viewed item too

* a "small icons" toolbar setting to free up some screen real estate

* right-click context menu "Save image as...", "Copy link url to clipboard", "Save link as..."


Anonymous said...

a prettier taskbar icon :)

urmel said...

"a prettier taskbar icon :)"

i second that. maybe a bit alround polishing.

and what i'd also like is to see a setting to "show feed icons in all list views". that means incons not only in search views.

Anonymous said...

As an optional alternative to the taskbar icon: ubuntu lucid messaging menu integration. (There would even be space to list the feeds which have unread messages)

Anonymous said...

- Google Reader folders support.
- share with Google Reader

Anonymous said...

Re "ubuntu lucid messaging menu integration": Maia Kozheva has already written a patch for that!


Anonymous said...

1) create a separate front- and backend so you get a client/server solution. This way I can reed the feeds from multiple PCs and keep the same status read/unread articles no matter which box I'm working on

2) Stability fixes: sometimes there's an article in a feed that makes Liferea crash

3) better performance expecially when updating. Even on an Intel i7 at 3.2GHz and 6GB of mem updating makes Liferea very unpresonsive. How about a non-blocking update mechanism (I'm no coder so don't know if that's already in there)? If I remember correctly the performance issue is due to ext4's barriers but why not come up with something that is not impacted by ext4's barriers?

Anyway, thank you for a very nice app!

Anonymous said...

+=100 for some kind of non-Google full feed+read+flags sync. I'd vote for a simple "shared-folder" setup (used over NFS, SSHFS, or whatever) first, then *maybe* a more complicated client/server later. Having yet another daemon laying around is just one more potential security hole in your FW.

I only started using Liferea recently, and it's been awesome, and 100% stable on Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04.

I do see some posts that (I assume) have flash or similar which doesn't work. I don't care. I hate flash, and if I really want to see it, it's just a double-click away.

I've noticed the 'Using "Mark items read" when in the "unread" folder should close currently viewed item too' thing too but can live with it.

I think the look&feel are fine, no need for distracting eye-candy.

Thanks for a great tool.

Anonymous said...

Ops, just thought of another one.

Move the (unread) to the left of the feed name, so when the fee list pane is narrow, it's not cut off to the right when the feed name is long.

(123) Some Feed
(456) Some really long feed...

Instead of:
Some Feed (123)
Some really long feed nam...


Anonymous said...

I would appreciate an "are you you sure" dialog for the Mark all Items read, or a way to edit the menu bar. Just something so I don't keep accidentally hitting that button.

Anonymous said...

* libnotify notifications disabled while Liferea is in focus.

* When a feed is set to autoload items in the browser, feed updates can cause the currently displayed feed properties to show in the pane instead of the item I was still reading.

* The unresponsiveness when several feeds are updating is unrelated to the ext4 slowdowns, as I experience it on my all ext3 system.

* The same icon for both the system tray and taskbar. I personally like the system tray icon more.

* Better documentation for the Lua scripting support, to facilitate more configurability.

* Better context menus for the browser.

Nintennuendo said...

I would love a windows port. Sometimes I have to use windows for an extended period and after using liferea using google reader doesn't really cut it.

Rob said...


stefan-schwarzburg said...

I wish that lifrea had a "Last read item" button right next to the "Next unread item".

Oh, and +1 for the syncing...

Perberos said...

possibility of set postgresql database instead of sqlite.
possibility of set mysql database instead of sqlite.
(like amarok database engine)

Anonymous said...

1. Don't block when updating feeds. Updating even a single feed causes the window to be grey-ed out on my netbook.

2. Proxy support needs a desperate fix (might be a libsoup thing): when viewing a feed, I get a "enter proxy user and password" popup for every entry. I should get a popup just once.

mr-potter said...

I love Liferea. For me the two things that make it a killer app are that it grabs the comments with the articles, and that the styling of the article is dead simple and for me makes it a pleasure to read.

The thing I would love the most is a way to be able to sync my feeds, including folder structure, and what articles are read (or not) between computers. Google Reader sync got us so far but not enough for me to want to use it.

A couchdb back-end would allow Ubuntu to sync it to ubuntuone ;-)

Anonymous said...

As suggested above, for basic syncing it would be enough if it were possible to keep the necessary config files into a Dropbox (or some other auto-synced) directory.

Anonymous said...

Copy & Paste

Gabri said...


sirmacik said...

Some sort of synchronization (about read items) with Google Reader would be awesome. Really looking forward for some functionality like that.

Anonymous said...

For those asking for Copy & Paste: it already works in Liferea - just select the text with the mouse and press Ctrl-Insert! Possibly other keyboard shortcuts work as well, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

In fact you don't even need to press Ctrl-Ins - just selecting is enough.

Anonymous said...

Less disk usage. While updating feeds my harddrive goes insane.

Anonymous said...

Asynchronous and delayed sqlite updates.

Seriously, the grinding hard disc is not pleasant.

Anonymous said...

I want a confirmation dialog for "Mark All As Read" and other destructive operations.

Anonymous said...

Better offline capabilities also for those feeds that link to websites only.

beroal said...

Release svn version ASAP.
Button "go to the parent feed" on a feed post.

Anonymous said...

I would like to have Google Reader folder support since I really have a lot of feeds which are not manageable without a folder structure. Thanks!

Arthur said...

An option "Mark as Unread" would be nice.

Anonymous said...

itd be cool if read items were pruned before unread items. also maybe a prune button, to get rid of all items except those in the actual feed.

Anonymous said...

Asynchronous updates!

BrendanGibat said...

Yeah! Asynchronous updates!
Haven't looked over the source yet but going to; why can't individual update requests be pushed into a queue in the background so I can keep browsing/reading?
Additionally it would be nice to have a hot key to update a single source (All I've found is Alt-A which updates everything, maybe I've missed something?)

BrendanGibat said...

Also it would be nice to integrate it with ubuntu's indicator subsystem.

George Redinger said...

I have bandwidth limitations during the day(satellite Internet service).
So, I schedule enclosure downloads during the night when the bandwidth limits are off.
I have configured Liferea to use kget as my download program. Except I don't have kget installed. Instead I have written a Bash script named kget that enqueues the url for later download.
This solves the enclosure download problem.
Now I want to solve the streaming video problem. I subscribe to youtube rss feeds. Watching a couple of youtube videos during the daytime will kill my daily bandwidth allocation. I could conceivably bookmark youtube video links to one of the social bookmarking sites offered by liferea. Then, from a cron job, query to bookmarking site, download the video, remove the bookmark from the site, etc.
Far easier would be to allow a shell script to be run as one of the bookmarking options.
Another solution would be to allow "download as" on the right click menu on links in message bodies as is currently done for enclosures.

Anonymous said...

Windows port would be nice

Anonymous said...

I would like an option to open all Items of a feed or folder in new tabs in the browser. Because I prefer reading in my browser and it is very impractical to open all Items per hand.

anubeon said...

I would seriously appreciate a feature allowing the end user to create aggregate multiple sources into a single 'meta-feed'. There are numerous online services which offer this or similar features but a client-side implementation would be preferable.

By way of an example; let's say I'm interested in politics and business news and that I would like to aggregate news from numerous news outlets (BBC, CNN, Reuters, Blogs and alike). I don't want to clutter up Liferea's UI with dozens of related feeds so combining the various categorised feeds offered by the various news sources and bloggers would seem to be the perfect solution. Ideally website administrators would make full use of the RSS2.0 specification. In my experience however this not the case, and the Huffington Post in particular doesn't make use of the item element. So creating a filtered search folder isn't an option, thus the only option(s) available are either to use a third-party aggregator such as FeedBlendr (now defunct) or a client-side solution in the form of feed aggregator with just such a feature set (offers advantages over server-side, 'middle-man' feed aggregators).

Anyhow, them's my two pence. I fully expect that such a feature is a long way off if on the horizon at all. With limited development resources you are no doubt focusing efforts on stability and core functionality (with which you're doing a great job by the way). But it is nice to have a forum within which to vocalise ones feature requests in any case.

beroal said...

2 anubeon:
This is the same as Liferea's folders. "Folders/Show the items of all child feeds when the folder is selected" aggregates feeds.

anubeon said...

@boreal: Doh! Of course you are correct, I didn't realise as the show child items option was disabled in Liferea preferences.

That said, it would still be nice to have the OPTION to A) disable child view (i.e. disable the collapse/expand functionality) and B) select a custom feed icon for the folder. These are of course cosmetic changes, but they would allow the end user to aggregate feeds into what appeared to be a single, easily identifiable feed rather than a folder. But again that's entirely cosmetic (and just a tad too trivial to be of concern)

Eduardo Klein said...

I would like to have a right-click option on an item to go to its corresponding source feed.

Second, as Perberos, I would like to switch to another database by configuration.

Levent Yavas said...


Thank you very much for Liferea. I was using safari for following feeds and I missed it a lot when I switched to linux. Liferea has a 'combined view' mode which saves me from clicking feed items and other easy to use features with simplicity.

1. A setting that makes 'combined view' default view mode.
2. No popping 'flag bookmarks cosmos' selection under mouse setting. This one really annoys me :)
3. Date/time in title (on the right side of author, in order to not cutting larger titles)
4. Left click choose (open in browser) setting.
5. I don't use left side folders. Feed labels at the left side are not completely aligned to left, there are some space there. Please get rid of this space wasting :)

Thank you very much for this simple and amazing program. It really makes my life easier when following feeds.

Stefano Teso said...

1 syncing between computers
2 a bit of polish to the UI
3 a way to set the [normal,wide,combined] view for all feeds
4 a toolbar button to re-open an already opened tab in the browser

and a big THANK YOU for Liferea, I use it everyday and it works great! :-)

seawolf said...

Hi --

after switching from Akregator, i *really* miss reading the article without clicking the pane. Space can skip headlines, but the down arrow should scroll the article content; the content should receive focus after a headline click. It'd make reading so much more keyboard friendly!

I'd *love* that!

Thanks so much for Liferea, it's awesome!

beroal said...

2 seawolf:
I vote for exactly the opposite. I use the Down button to skim posts and mouse wheel to scroll a post. Every button has stable function.

Anonymous said...

I know poll is over, but still wanted to give my 2 cents. My three requests are:
1) Allow to close tabs on the tab itself, rather than X button at far right. Too much mouse travel to close a tab.
2) make Del key actually work in Liferea. Currently the only way to delete a feed is right-click and select Delete.
3) have a column you can click on to toggle read status, like the flag column.

Thanks for such a great feed reader. I use it every day!


Anonymous said...

I prefer to use Wide View with a 16x9 screen, but if I leave enough room on right pane for full viewing, then Feed and Headlines sections can get scrunched and hard to read. I would love to be able to reduce font size in just Feed and Headlines column so that Wide View is more usable.

punongbisyonaryo said...

Would it be possible to have an option for Liferea to pre-download images? When I'm on the road or out somewhere without a net connection, Liferea is useless for me since it needs a connection to load the images. The feeds I am subscribed to require the use of images/diagrams to illustrate points/techniques/etc. You could set options to limit by size or by a maximum number of the latest headlines whose images will be prefetched.

Imagine you're on the beach, you could still use Liferea while sunbathing and all the pictures would still come out.

Anonymous said...


It would be great for user to be able to put some comments|description to every feed and have this comment displayed when feed is selected.

I'm subscribed to all af personal blogs, but it is difficult to remember the mapping which internet nickname belongs to which real person.
With this proposed "feed comment|description" I can have my own remarks about feed author for myself

beroal said...

2 Anonymous:
You can write a real person name in "feed's context menu/properties/general/feed name".

Maximus Aelius said...

I'm not sure but I wonder it's possible to integrate a comment text box below each news. I think maybe it depends on the websites, right?

Maximus Aelius said...

Is it possible to integrate a text box to comment right below each feed? Does it depend on the website, right?