27 July 2010

Sorting Feeds

During the recent feature poll, during discussion in IRC and the occasional feature request in the tracker users did ask for the ability to sort larger feed lists. To allow this we've added a sorting feature to the folder context menu:

It is a simple implementation lexicographically sorting the feeds in ascending order. Nothing more. And we plan to keep it that simple.

In several discussion about the need of this feature the usual argument was about the feed lists being much too long and a specific feed to hard to locate. Sorting all feeds would speed up the feed lookup. To everyone having this problem: please use folders! Organize your feeds in topic folders, don't add more than ~10 feeds to a folder. Don't even start loosing the overview!

I personally do believe the sorting option shouldn't even be necessary. Using folders has too many advantages (recursive viewing, hiding read items) to not utilize them.

Nonetheless "Sort Feeds" is added to SVN trunk to be released with 1.7.5


beroal said...

Also we can search feeds with :)
firefox ~/.liferea_1.7/feedlist.opml

Vee said...

I would like it if the combined view was sorted by date not by blog!
Even if I have only one folder, if I do not hide read items, it is always one blog that has all entries on top then the next one and so on.
Will this be part of the sorting in the next version? Right now I can only change this default for the "normal" view.

Anonymous said...

*not only one folder but only a few blogs per folder!


thanks A LOT for adding this feature!!!

Anonymous said...

What I'm about to write is quite anectodical, so I think it fits here rather than in a more formal place.

Anyway, liferea literally went to almost unusable because of crashes to (apparently) fairly stable. Same version (1.7.4), same platform (Gentoo Linux), same actual binary (compiled from source).

I'd say the crashes were not liferea's fault, but I guess it would be useful to be able to pinpoint the culprit. If you want to do some tests/debugging, leave a contact address here and I'll get back to you.

Kirk said...

I'd like to comment on the screenshot as I haven't access to the build.

The term used right now "Sort Feeds" isn't really clear as to the scope of effect. Does it sort all feeds, or just children fields of the selected folder? I believe it is just the children?

Could we consider renaming this to more explicitly state what feeds will be sorted?

Lars said...

Kirk: What naming do you suggest?