13 July 2010

Use Case 2 - Read latest headlines

The user launches Liferea by single clicking the notification tray icon. Liferea displays the main interface. The user clicks the “Next Unread Item” icon in the toolbar. Liferea moves focus from the currently-selected headline to the next unread headline. If no headline is selected then the first headline in the top-most feed in the tree-view is selected. The contents of the feed item are displayed in the content pane if visible. Liferea marks the feed item as read and updates the font of the headline to indicate as much. The user can continue to advance to the next unread headline by either clicking the button again, or using a configured keyboard shortcut (set in the user's preferences) to page through the article's content and then on to the next unread item once the article's content has all been displayed. Alternately if the focus is on a headline or a feed in the tree view the user can advanced to the next unread headline by using the 'n' keyboard shortcut.

Thoughts and Considerations
  • The 'n' key shortcut seems to stop working as soon as the contents of an article are clicked (e.g. a hyperlink is clicked). In order to re-enable the 'n' key shortcut the user has to click a headline or feed name. Is it possible to allow the 'n' key shortcut to always work? Note that CTRL-N always seems to work, but if we can simply have 'n' work without CTRL it saves my fingers from cramping. Is 'n' an undocumented shortcut?
  • There might be some confusion around the configurable shortcut to “Skim” through headlines and skipping to the next unread item. They are not the same thing, but the difference is not immediately clear to the user without trial and error (and reading the mailing list in my case). It might be beneficial to look at clarifying the two ideas. One suggestion might be to make it configurable which key is used to skip through as well as which key is to skim through. I'd suggest finding two concrete and distinct words, either within the mental metaphor you're trying to leverage (e.g. newspapers I believe) or within the expected user's vernacular.
For reference, this is related to my intro post.
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Anonymous said...

There is a parts of forum where hidden topics (by password).
How can I get RSS-news by using "Liferea" from that parts of forum with RSS service.