05 October 2010

Bloglines support removed from trunk

Ask.com announced that Bloglines will be shut down on Novenber 1st.

The Bloglines code is now removed from Liferea trunk (that will become Liferea 1.8), and Bloglines subscriptions are automatically removed.

At least as long as Bloglines is available it will stay supported in the stable Liferea 1.6.

For users of Blogline with Liferea the best choice for similar functionality is to switch to Google Reader and use Liferea's Google Reader support.

Bloglines support is now also removed in the 1.6 branch, the change will be in 1.6.6.


Anonymous said...

Is there any work being doing on improving the Google Reader support? It would be fantastic if Google's labels could be used to sort feeds into sub-folders in liferea.

I know that there's a problem with Google feeds potentially having multiple labels, but this could easily be handled by simply selecting the alphabetically first label associated with a given feed. I suspect that the vast majority of users do not have multiply-labelled feeds, and even having them imperfectly mapped to folders in liferea would be a vast improvement over the current flat list.

(Google does use labels to mark things like "unread", "new", and so on, but this is a well-defined set that liferea already strips out. It shouldn't be too hard for someone who knows the code to pull out the remaining labels, sort them, make the appropriate folder structure and assign the feeds.)

I did have a dive into the code to try and do this myself, but it's very sparsely commented and I got lost. Is the original Google Reader code author still working on the project? Liferea is by far the best newsreader I've found on any platform, and this would more or less make it nearly perfect.

Lars said...

Anonymous: Yes, actually there is progress on the GReader label support. Some days ago someone posted a patch in the mailing list that implements them. The patch isn't complete yet, but it is a step to realize it.

About the GReader support authorship: The code was written by Arnold Noronha who you can contact by mail. He doesn't work on Liferea regularily.

Also feel free to work with the patch on the mailing list and join us at #liferea (freenode.org) to discuss the code.

Jay said...

What about tt-rss support? Any word on that?

Lars said...

Jay: Cool, you volunteer for implementing! Please join us at the mailing list or the IRC channel. Thanks for contributing!