09 October 2010

Liferea switched to git

Liferea now uses git instead of SVN, please do not use the old SVN repository anymore.

You can browse the git repository online here.

Instructions for compiling Liferea master (the unstable development code) from git:
  1. git clone git://liferea.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/liferea/liferea
  2. cd liferea
  3. ./autogen.sh
  4. make
  5. make install


Anonymous said...

In my case, I do not know what that means to me that I am using Fedora 13, Liferea 1.6.4

True, not within this topic, but this concerns Liferea

It is possible that Liferea not pay attention to the version on Linux distributions, and update as soon as possible. For example, on July 27, here on the blog explained the matter on Sorting Feeds.

To this day October 9, after using Liferea for so long, I could not see 1.7.5.

Even that, you work hard to improve the product, you will never see the success, if you do not care to put on the servers of Linux distributions, the latest version, and also the Beta.

For you, the channel of distribution is the Linux distribution. The way to get to market. The other way, waiting for them or me, we come to pick up the latest version, is the longest road to reach the consumer market.

And the longest way to succeed.

Anyway, thanks for Liferea 1.6.4

Adrian Bunk said...

You as a user are not expected to build Liferea yourself, you are right that you are getting Liferea through your distribution.

What you are getting through your distribution is Liferea 1.6, and that is the version you should be getting.

Currently 1.7 is worse than Beta quality, and if a distribution would ship 1.7 that would be a huge mistake.

Yes, it will take a few more months until 1.8 will be ready. That time is needed for all the development to happen. and then for getting Liferea 1.8 as stable as Liferea 1.6.