18 June 2011

Google Reader Label Support Added

Many users have asked for quite some time... Yesterday we added Google Reader label support to git. So now you get Google Reader labels as folders in Liferea. This sync feature was contributed by Peter Oliver and Sergey Snitsaru.

Right now labels are only sync'ed from Google to Liferea, but not yet the other way around.

Support will first be included with 1.7.6


Anonymous said...

Hooray! This was the one feature that stopped liferea from being all but perfect. Many thanks to the people who worked on including it.

slimzeb said...

I Just don't seem to get the folders or tags to work and import them in to liferea trough google reader... It collects the feeds from google with no problem but not with the folders... have any workaround?

Lars said...

slimzeb: GReader tags only work starting with Liferea 1.7+