25 March 2012

Navigate Your History of Read Items

Today I found the time to implement a simple item history feature. Liferea now tracks the last 250 viewed items and using the new backward/forward buttons in the toolbar (or the corresponding menu items in the "Item" menu) you can navigate through this sessions previously read items.

This helps a lot when you use the "Unread" search folder and accidentily skip an item and forgot from which feed it came.

Note: To introduce the new buttons I had to change the stock icon of the "Next Unread Item" button. I decided to change it from the "forward" stock button to the "jump to" stock button which I believe to be a good match.

This feature is planned to be released with 1.9.3


michkhoo said...

Cool, I sometimes really accidentaly click on item and it disappears.

Unknown said...
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Daniel Perelman said...

Good idea. I actually tend to accidentally mark items as read with middle-click more than by selecting them and then selecting something else (usually due to meaning to mark the item I am reading as unread so long blog articles remain marked as unread until I finish reading them).