19 August 2012

Help Needed with the Crashes on Fedora!

Many Fedora users report frequent crashes of Liferea. As the only active developer right now I can only cover the Debian/Ubuntu world. My time doesn't allow more. Is there someone out the running Fedora with the necessary skills to debug this?

I guess a lot of users would be grateful for a solution.

Update: A list of crash reports
Most of the crashes are caused by a SIGABORT.


Morpheus said...

Hi Lars,

I use Fedora, I'm using Liferea (last version compiled by me), and as I can see is very stable and I don't have any crashes. The only issue as I reported before is the videos from vimeo that slows down the desktop and liferea stops respond. That is the problem reported by Fedora users?

Lars Windolf said...

Hi Morpheus,

No, the reports are about frequent crashes. It doesn't seem to be about unresponsiveness.

Morpheus said...

The reports are in the version shipped in Fedora? or the last version?

Lars Windolf said...

@Morpheus: The are in all versions. I compiled a list and updated the post.

Rustic Coder said...

I have seen Liferea crash but it depends on the blog post I am reading. Is it too much to ask how I would debug this and get you the information you need in order to fix the issue? Where to get the source, the steps to run in debug, what you are looking for, etc. Thanks.

Morpheus said...


Try to run liferea inside a terminal,

# liferea --debug-all

or if you know the component that is crashing liferea,

# liferea --debug-xxx

If you could share the blog post that you know crashes liferea, it's easier.

Rustic Coder said...

I can certainly debug using "--debug-all" and I'll see what I can do over the next few days. I tend to be a little more hands on. Is it possible to run from code and submit patches via GIT or SF? Thanks.

Lars Windolf said...

@Rustic Coder: Of course! Please post the patches on the mailing list or in the SF-tracker. Links can be found on the homepage http://liferea.sf.net.

Jeff Fortin said...

FWIW, I'm using the Liferea 1.8.6 package from Fedora 17 and I've yet to experience a single crash (and I've been running the 1.8 series since 1.8.2 or so). Likewise, I don't remember the 1.6 series being crashy either.

I have disabled browser plugins in the Liferea preferences and I'm running 32 bits, if that changes anything.