16 September 2012

Contributions to 1.8

Wanted to do this post for quite some time now... Here is a list of all the contributors to coded, debugged, tested, translated and otherwise helped getting out the current stable release line 1.8!

Adrian Bunk, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, Sven Hartge, Leon Nardella, Gustavo Noronha, Hubert Figuiere, Jeff Fortin, Marc Brinkmann, Arnold Noronha, Simon Lipp, Rupr Swarbrick, Rafael Kitover, Ted Gould, Ricardo Cruz, hyperair, Fred Morcos, Solomon Peachy, Peter Oliver, Matthew Bauer, Wictor Lund, Sergey Snitsaruk, Maia Kozheva, Paulo Schreiner, Robert Trace, Dennis Nezic, Chris Siebenmann, adriatic, Paulo Anes, Regis Floret, John Levon, msqared84, Fabrice Bellet, Yanko Kaneti, prurigo, Chow Loong Jin, Daniel Noffsinger, Khaled Hosny, Vincent Lefevre, Gianvito Cavasoli, Takeshi Aihana, Antonio Lima, Daniel Nylander, Rodrigo Gallardo, Pavol Klacansk, Leonid Selivanov, Aron Xu, Besnik Bleta, Yuri Chornoivan, Yaron Sheffer, Anxo Outeiral, Joe Hansen, Marquinos, Ghengis Khan, Bruno Miguel, Erwin Poeze, Mikel Olasagasti Urange, Mindaugas Baranauskas, Rihards Prieditis, Jorma Karvonen, Rudolfs Mazurs

The list is propably incomplete: so thanks to everyone not listed that helped with 1.8 too!

And more importantly please keep the contributions on, as this is the only way how Liferea can go on and get better!

15 September 2012

Latest Security News in Your Feed Reader

Are you working in IT operations and responsible to keep the your systems safe and sound? Did you know that you can use Liferea (or any other news aggregator) as your primary source for security advisories and vulnerability news?

Using official feeds from Unix distributions and software vendors as well as aggregated feeds from sites as http://cvedetails.com/ you can get everything bundled in your news aggregator.

By selecting only the feeds for the distros and software stacks you run you get only the information you need (as to compared to all-purpose CERT bulletins). By using a news aggregator you keep track of the read status per advisory and can flag relevant advisories for later reference.

Feel free to check out my overview list of Unix / Linux IT Security Feeds!

14 September 2012

Fedora Crashes Solved

Thanks to different contributors phixy in SF #3481675, Fabrice Bellet and Yanko Kanedi in Fedora #857348 the crashing issue on Fedora has been debugged and solved.

The Cause 

The crash cause was found to be a missing signal handler disconnect in the HTML view class. So with the object being finalized, the signal handler for network change events did trigger on an object that didn't exist anymore. Interestingly this only did crash Liferea on Fedora.

So the effect did only happen when you lost your network connection after closing a browser tab (e.g. by Wifi resconnect).

New Packages

There are new Fedora packages for 1.8.8 FC17 and FC18. Please upgrade and retest! A new upstream release 1.8.9 will follow soon.


Thanks to everyone that did debug and retest the issue. If you upgrade to the fixed version in Fedora please leave a comment here wether it solves the crashes for you or not.

01 September 2012

Switched to GtkApplication

Todays commits saw 500 legacy code lines for X11 ICE session management gone! The functionality is now used from GtkApplication (introduced with GTK+ 3.4). Using GtkApplication also removes the libunique dependency.

As with many changes in 1.9 which is more or less a GTK+ 3 migration branch the end-user will not notice anything...