14 September 2012

Fedora Crashes Solved

Thanks to different contributors phixy in SF #3481675, Fabrice Bellet and Yanko Kanedi in Fedora #857348 the crashing issue on Fedora has been debugged and solved.

The Cause 

The crash cause was found to be a missing signal handler disconnect in the HTML view class. So with the object being finalized, the signal handler for network change events did trigger on an object that didn't exist anymore. Interestingly this only did crash Liferea on Fedora.

So the effect did only happen when you lost your network connection after closing a browser tab (e.g. by Wifi resconnect).

New Packages

There are new Fedora packages for 1.8.8 FC17 and FC18. Please upgrade and retest! A new upstream release 1.8.9 will follow soon.


Thanks to everyone that did debug and retest the issue. If you upgrade to the fixed version in Fedora please leave a comment here wether it solves the crashes for you or not.

1 comment:

Jeff Fortin said...

Oooh, that explains! I never used the built-in browser so that code path was never run on my end.