17 October 2012

Added Google Chrome to Browser Preferences

After reading this recent review of Liferea over at TechNewsWorld I found that we somehow missed adding Google Chrome to the browser preferences!

Thanks to review author Jack M. Germain this is now added in 1.9 git branch to be released with 1.9.7.

As a workaround you can still use Chrome if you select "Default Browser" if your system preferences default to Chrome or you can specify the following "Manual Command" in the browser settings tab:

    google-chrome "%s"

Have fun!

09 October 2012

1.9.6 Released

Fixes mass downloading enclosures. Introduces support for downloading using the steadyflow download manager. Removes support for curl/wget. Improves spacing of browser tab buttons. Prevent DnD problems with Google Reader.

04 October 2012

1.8.9 Released

1.8.9 was released, but SourceForge seems to be instable right now...

So please be patient if you get HTTP 500 and try again some minutes later.