03 October 2013

New Blog Location!

Dear Readers,

this blog has been permanently moved to http://lzone.de/liferea/blog

Please update your bookmarks or new feed subscriptions to get recent posts!

24 June 2013

Liferea 1.8.15 Released

This is a maintenance release fixing some bugs. It also introduces a backport of the Google Reader migration feature introduced in 1.10. This allows you to convert you Google Reader subscription to local Liferea subscription keeping all items downloaded so far. Note: This migration will also work after Google Reader shutting down, as Liferea keeps a local cache of the Google Reader items. Please upgrade to this release if you are/were using Google Reader and click "Convert to Local Subscriptions" from the context menu of the subscription list to migrate your Google data. Read more in this recent blog post. Changes:
* Added an option to convert Google Reader subscriptions
  to local feeds (Lars Windolf)
* Fixes SF #1080: segfault opening attachment due to incorrect g_free()
  (reported by Adam Nielsen)
* Fixes SF #1075: GLib warnings of "string != NULL" assertion failure
  (reported by Simon K├ągedal Reimer)
* Fixes search folders including comment items
  (reported by David Willmore)
Download the newest code from the project homepage!

Save Your Google Reader Data with Liferea

As you all know Google Reader is shutting down at the end of the month. If you were using Google Reader synchronization with Liferea do not delete your subscription! Instead convert it to local subscriptions and keep all your item history.

Read about how to do it!